Luxville Street

Luxville Street

Peer into the world of Luxville through the shopfront.  Through the looking glass you’ll see wonders strange and mundane.

Your questions will be answered by the Luxville Mixologist, random and straight.  “Trust the artists mother as I have done.”  apologies to Dora Meeson Coates

The lush colours of the Luxville artists will be on show.  “Even a cat can look at the queen.”  Queen Mary

Event: Luxville Street – Shopfront installation

Date: 1st November – 30th November 2015

Opening Hours: 24 Hr

Place: Shop 6a Lydiard St North, Ballarat

Cost: Free

SPECIAL EVENT: Artist Readings – Sun 8th Nov 1.30pm (& 3.00pm at Luxville Delusion)

SPECIAL EVENT: Artist Talk – Sun 15th Nov 1.30pm (& 3.00pm at Luxville Delusion)

SPECIAL EVENT: Live Storytelling (Closing Event) – Thurs 26th Nov 6pm (at Luxville Delusion)

Luxville Street is running concurrently with Luxville Delusion.

Sponsored by Yum Studio.

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